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Ask about our services and learn how Don's Dock can help with all your recreational boating needs!

Boat Repairs & Maintenance

Don's Dock is a full-service marina. All motor repair performed onsite, with attention to premium service quality and customer service.  Spring tune-ups, engine repairs, and engine winterization can be scheduled by calling our office.

We also provide additional repair services such as gel-coat or fiberglass repairs, electronics and wood restoration. 

Let us know how we can help to maintain your vessel. 

Cleaning, Waxing & Painting

It is important to keep your vessel in exceptional condition; not only for resale value but also to minimize repair costs. Our personnel are extremely talented at hull and interior cleaning and waxing services. We provide stellar cleaning services to be sure to remove any unsightly stains.

Our experienced staff is well qualified in hull maintenance.  Annual bottom painting is beneficial to the vessel because it prevents organic marine growth from developing on the bottom of the hull, thus avoiding drag and allowing the boat to operate at its maximum efficiency. 

boat paintjob.jpg
Boat Storage

Winter Storage services (which include proper boat winterization of the engine and vessel and covering for the winter season), and Dry Summer Storage (for the customer who would like to keep their boat stored on-land in between uses) are both available. 

boat storage.jpg
Dock Building and Repair

We have the expertise to build new docks for people who have access to the water from their property.  We can create new docks or repair existing docks.  We also offer the service to remove the docks from the water in the winter, store them properly, and reinstall them back into the water in the spring.

Boat Transport

Our staff is experienced in hauling boats from the water. This service is for current customers only, who need to transport their boats from a present location to Don’s Dock or vice versa. We can use your trailer or one of our multiple trailers that can accommodate several boat sizes. Our Hydraulic Trailer can transport boats that are up to 27 feet long and 7,000 lbs. Whether it’s transporting by land or sea, we are qualified and fully prepared to meet your needs.

Hyd Trailer.jpg

☎ 860.535.0077

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